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We won’t bore you with the same or similar write up for each of our example clients. The job is always to create a shop window ( website) which rivals and betters that of your local competitors and then make sure that website is found when your potential customers are searching for the services you offer in the area you cover.

A Small Business Based in Liverpool

Katie owns a small dog grooming business in Mossley Hill. As a young entrepeneur Katie, unlike many of our clients ( oursevles included) grew up using search engines to find products and services and knows nothing different.

dog grooming seo in liverpool

I’m personally old enough to remember the days of the yellow pages book arriving on your doorstep with a heavy thud, I dont beleive the book is even a thing nowadays and the likes of Katie has no doubt never used such a thing to find anything in her life.

So when Katie opened her dog grooming company her only thought was to get a website designed and built and then make sure that website was found in the one place she knows her customers go to find dog groomers, Google:

  • Dog grooming in Mossley Hill
  • Dog grooming in Allerton
  • Dog groomers in Mossley Hill
  • Pet grooming in Mossley Hill
  • Dog groomers in Allerton
  • Dog salon in Mossley Hill
Very much a local service covering a small area in Liverpool, providing dog grooming in her community salon Katie hopes to expand her business to other areas of Liverpool in the coming years and only has one idea in her head when it comes to how to generate business in these other areas: Google!
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